Volatility affected ETF assets in February, says Refinitiv


February’s choppy markets had an effect on European ETF inflows, according to the Lipper team at Refinitiv, with net inflows of EUR3.2 billion for the month, and assets under management in the European ETF industry (EUR839.9 billion) decreasing due to rough market conditions, the firm says.

Bond ETFs (+EUR2.5 billion) posted the highest net inflows in the European ETF industry for February.

The best-selling Lipper global classification for February was Equity Global (+EUR1.5 billion), followed by Bond EMU Government (+EUR1.1 billion) and Equity US (+EUR1.1 billion).

Xtrackers was the best-selling ETF promoter in Europe for February (+EUR1.8 billion), ahead of Vanguard Group (+EUR0.9 billion) and UBS ETF (+EUR0.5 billion).

The 10 best-selling funds gathered total net inflows of EUR4.6 billion for February. The best-selling ETF for February, UBS ETF MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF (USD) Aa, accounted for net inflows of EUR0.9 billion. 

Detlef Glow, Lipper Head of EMEA Research at Refinitiv, says: “Despite rough market conditions, February was another positive month for the European ETF industry as the promoter of ETFs enjoyed inflows. The combination of below average inflows and a negative performance of the underlying markets led to a decrease in assets under management from EUR883.0 billion as of 31 January, 2020, to EUR839.9 billion at the end of February.

“The decrease of EUR43.1 billion for February was driven by the performance of the underlying markets (-EUR46.3 billion), while the net inflows contributed EUR3.2 billion to the decrease in assets.”

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