Tradeweb reports record average daily volumes in volatile trading


Tradeweb reports that the average daily volume was a record USD885.6 billion in February, an increase of 47.0 per cent year-over-year, with trading activity elevated as volatility increased in markets worldwide.

Tradeweb writes that in the last volatile week of the month, activity averaged a record USD1.1 trillion per day. New records were seen across several cash products, including US Treasuries, Mortgages, US and European Credit, Repo and European ETFs.

European ETFs saw average daily volume of USD2.4 billion, a rise of 44.9 per cent month on month (MoM) and 43.4 per cent year on year (YoY). ADV in US ETFs of USD5.8 billion increased 61.6 per cent MoM and 128.1 per cent YoY.

Lee Olesky, Tradeweb CEO, says: “In volatile, high volume periods it is vital that investors and traders can depend on robust and resilient marketplaces to exchange risk efficiently, across a range of asset classes. Our focus in any environment is ensuring that our clients have access to our systems and global markets without disruption.”

Over February, ADV in US Government Bonds of USD96.6 billion increased 10.1 per cent MoM and 16.7 per cent YoY. ADV in European Government Bonds of USD25.8 billion declined 3.4 per cent MoM and rose 15.3 per cent YoY.

In Mortgages, ADV of USD223.1 billion increased 7.6 per cent MoM and 45.0 per cent YoY. ADV in Rates Derivatives of USD228.6 billion rose 16.7 per cent MoM and 72.1 per cent YoY. In US Credit, ADV in High-Grade of USD4.0 billion increased 0.1 per cent MoM and 35.7 per cent YoY, while ADV in High-Yield of USD0.5 billion increased 26.0 per cent MoM and 54.0 per cent YoY. ADV in European Credit of USD1.8 billion rose 3.3 per cent MoM and 31.6 per cent YoY. 

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