AgioFunds TFI lists WIG20lev ETF on GPW

The WIG20lev Beta ETF has now listed on the GPW Main Market, becoming the the seventh ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) listed on the Warsaw exchange, the fourth Beta ETF, and the first such new listing in 2020. 

The ETF’s issuer is AgioFunds TFI, its offeror and market maker is Dom Maklerski BOŚ, and the initiative co-ordinator is Beta Securities Poland.

“Passive investing is very popular on international markets. The development of the passive fund market is a part of our growth strategy #GPW2020 and the Capital Market Development Strategy, reflecting the importance of passive investing to all market participants: the exchange, managers, issuers, as well as institutional and retail investors. We are glad than another ETF will be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. I am certain that it is not the last word; on the contrary, I expect continued expansion of this market segment followed by ongoing development of ETFs,” says Izabela Olszewska, Member of the Management Board of GPW.

WIG20lev is based to WIG20: it tracks WIG20 with a double leverage.

“The WIG20lev BETA ETF is a fund addressed to investors who expect WIG20 to rise. The fund tracks the index WIG20lev, which follows WIG20 with double leverage. The launch of WIG20lev BETA ETF is a natural continuation of the November launch of WIG20short BETA ETF. These funds are dedicated to investors who expect WIG20 to change sharply. Unlike futures, the ETFs are available in IKE and IKZE investment accounts. We hope that the ease of trade, attractive quotes, low required investment, and reduced management fees (1.00 per cent) will win investors for the fund,” says Robert Sochacki, Member of the Management Board of Beta Securities Poland.
Radosław Olszewski, President of DM BOŚ, also believes that the new product is very likely to attract investor interest.

“As a participant in the introduction of yet another ETF, we can see that the market segment has a potential to grow. We are glad to take active part in that growth as an offeror and market maker. As a market maker, we will ensure best liquidity possible. For that purpose, we are planning to quote instruments at very attractive spreads in the initial period. To encourage our clients to use the new product, we will offer promotional fees, as usual, in the early period after the launch of the fund,” says Radosław Olszewski, President of DM BOŚ.