CP ETFs launches new Defensive CP High Yield Trend ETF

CP ETFs, a quantitative ETF provider specialising in defensive diversifier strategies, has launched the CP High Yield Trend ETF (HYTR). 

HYTR is a defensive fixed income trend following exchange traded fund (ETF) that alternates exposure between the US high yield corporate market and three-seven year US Treasuries. The CP High Yield Trend ETF seeks to provide investors defensive diversification, stock-like liquidity, transparency, lower cost, and potential improvement in tax efficiency.

“We’re pleased and excited to offer a defensive high yield fixed income diversifier that is one of the first funds utilising a diversified ensemble model to trend follow high yield corporate bond funds,” says Michael Krause, CFA, co-founder and co-portfolio manager of CP ETFs. “As advisors seek more efficient products for their clients we are confident the CP High Yield Trend ETF will be a welcome addition for investors seeking absolute return and capital preservation that high yield trend following strategies can potentially offer.”


The CP HYTR ETF seeks to improve portfolio performance over the long-run by either boosting returns within a given risk budget, or by seeking to reduce portfolio drawdown risk without unduly sacrificing returns. Offering a public methodology, HYTR tracks to the CP High Yield Trend Index (HYTREND). The HYTREND index can provide greater exposure to the US high yield corporate markets while aiming to reduce risk amid market turbulence.


“Aiming to provide competitive risk-adjusted returns with a highly efficient product can help advisors better manage client-portfolio risk,” says Krause. “In response to a regularly evolving marketplace, CP ETFs will continue to develop innovative products for investors and the advisors who serve them.”