Amundi launches ten new ETFs on Xetra

Amundi has launched ten new ETFs on Xetra including equity index funds focused on individual countries and regions as well as bond index ETFs on government and corporate bonds.

Five new share index ETFs give investors the opportunity to participate in the performance of large and medium-sized companies. Investors can choose between the regions Europe, the euro zone and developed countries worldwide, as well as between Japan and the USA. In all five equity index ETFs, dividend income is automatically reinvested. Running costs account for 0.05 per cent each.

Furthermore, five bond index ETFs give investors access to corporate and government bonds from Europe, the USA or worldwide:

The Amundi Prime Euro Corporates UCITS ETF DR (C) as well as the Amundi Prime US Corporates UCITS ETF DR (C) allows an investment in fixed-interest corporate bonds with an investment grade rating, denominated in Euro or US dollars.

The Amundi Prime Euro Govies UCITS ETF DR (C) gives investors access to domestic government bonds of eurozone countries with investment grade ratings. The Amundi Prime US Treasury UCITS ETF DR (C) invests in US government bonds with a maturity of at least one year, which are denominated in US dollars. The Amundi Prime Global Govies UCITS ETF DR (C) gives investors access to fixed income government bonds of the most important investment grade countries.
Interest income is automatically reinvested in all five bond index ETFs. The running costs are 0.05 per cent in each case.