Russell Investments launches ETF series on four key funds

Russell Investments Canada Limited has launched its initial actively managed exchange-traded fund series (ETF series) based on key Russell Investments mutual funds. 

Effective 22 January, the new ETF series will trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the following names and ticker symbols:

Russell Investments Fixed Income Pool – ETF Series (Ticker: RIFI): This fund aims to provide effective diversification against equities and a stable level of cash flow by investing principally in fixed income securities of Canadian issuers that are rated by Dominion Bond Rating Service as BBB or higher or that are, in the opinion of the money manager, equivalent to such a rating.

Russell Investments Global Unconstrained Bond Pool - ETF Series (Ticker: RIGU): This fund aims to address the challenge of low but rising interest rates that has made it difficult to find reliable, income-generating investments. Accordingly, the Pool has the flexibility to invest in a broad range of fixed-income securities across sectors, around the world, and across credit quality and maturity spectrums.

Russell Investments Global Infrastructure Pool – ETF Series (Ticker: RIIN): This fund is designed to provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolios by investing primarily through exposure to equity and fixed-income securities by companies that are involved in, or indirectly benefit from, the development, maintenance, servicing or management of infrastructures.

Russell Investments Real Assets – ETF Series (Ticker: RIRA): This fund is designed to provide global diversification beyond traditional asset classes through global real estate securities, global listed infrastructure, commodities and real return bonds.

Each of these four Russell Investments funds will continue to offer non-listed units that can be purchased and redeemed on a daily basis.

“I’m delighted to announce the launch of our four actively managed ETF series based on key diversified fixed income and real assets solutions,” says David Steele, President, Russell Investments Canada. “These new investment options provide Canadian advisors and investors with more flexibility and share classes to navigate today’s markets.”