JP Morgan launches new active ETF on Xetra

JP Morgan Exchange Traded Fund has launched a new active ETF – the JPM US Research Enhanced Index Equity (ESG) UCITS ETF - USD (dist) – on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

The new fund allows investors to invest in an actively managed ETF that aims to generate a long-term return above the benchmark S&P 500 index.

The ETF includes high market capitalisation equities traded by US companies but is not limited to the comparative index investment universe. In order to outperform the benchmark in the long term, the investment management may overweight securities which have in its estimation the greatest potential and may underweight or not invest in securities which it considers to be particularly overvalued.

In addition, the securities are selected on the basis of the ESG criteria. The investment management focuses on key risk factors such as accounting and tax policies, disclosure and communication with investors, shareholders' rights, remuneration and social and environmental factors.

The risk profile of the actively managed ETF is largely the same as that of the benchmark index.

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