Blue Tractor Group retains services of ETF Capital Markets veteran

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Blue Tractor Group (Blue Tractor) has retained the services of John Mulroy, former Managing Director, ETF Capital Markets at Guggenheim Investments in Chicago.

Mulroy is a seasoned capital markets professional with over 30 years of ETF market making and trading, sales and distribution and registered investment advisor (RIA) relationship management experience.

On 14 November, 2019 the US Securities and Exchange Commission issued notice of its intention to approve Blue Tractor’s novel Shielded Alpha ETF structure. The Shielded Alpha structure is a ‘wrapper’ that facilitates management of actively managed portfolio strategies within an ETF rather than in a traditional mutual fund or separately managed account, thereby conferring the benefits of an ETF to advisors and investors alike, including lower cost, greater tax efficiency and intra-day liquidity.  And importantly, Blue Tractor’s structure fully obfuscates a portfolio manager’s alpha generation strategy and trading execution. The Shielded Alpha ETF wrapper is now available for license by third party fund advisors.

Terry Norman, Founder of Blue Tractor, says: “We are delighted to be able to offer licensees John’s many years of experience when they onboard their active portfolio strategies into Blue Tractor’s Shielded Alpha ETF wrapper.”