New WIG20short ETF lists on GPW

A new AgioFunds TFI ETF based on the WIG20short has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW). It is the sixth ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) overall listed on the GPW and the third this year.

“We are glad that another ETF has been newly listed on GPW,” says Piotr Borowski, Member of the GPW Management Board. “The WIG20short Beta ETF is a very interesting product as it allows investors to use short strategies and make returns when WIG20 is losing. The ETF is a perfect addition to the five long ETFs already listed on GPW, which investors can use to make returns when indices rise. It is the third ETF to be newly listed this year after the Beta ETFs on WIG20TR and mWIG40TR. ETFs are very attractive for investors thanks to low management costs and strong liquidity, which implies ease of trading on the exchange. We are certain that ETFs listed on GPW will become even more popular.”

The new ETF allows investors to take short positions on the stock market. WIG20short is an index derived from WIG20 as its value depends on the value of WIG20. WIG20short follows WIG20 in that whenever WIG20 loses 10 points, WIG20short gains 10 points, etc. (more about WIG20short).

“We give active participants of the capital market another fund from the Beta ETF family, the WIG20Short Beta ETF,” says Robert Sochacki, Board Member of Beta Securities Poland. “The fund tracks the WIG20short index and provides returns when WIG20 is going down. Following the WIG20TR and mWIG40TR Beta ETFs, we have not introduced a fund with a stronger focus on trading rather than investing as the recommended investment horizon is one day. We want to deliver investment solutions that offer all participants of the capital market a good fit for their perspective on the market outlook. This is why we are launching the WIG20short ETF. We will soon develop more Beta ETFs.”