HAN-GINS ITEK up 14.51 per cent in first-year

The HAN-GINS Innovative Technologies ETF (ITEK) is up 14.51 per cent in its first year and 20.85 per cent YTD.

The fund, which is designed to capture the growth of the global technology sector, first listed on the London (LSE: ITEK), Frankfurt and Milan stock exchanges in October 2018.
ITEK delivers broad exposure to a globally diversified range of technology companies with equally weighted themes and constituents. This includes areas of technological innovation such as robotics, cloud computing and big data, cybersecurity, future cars, genomics, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and social media.
ITEK provides an alternative to the conventional approach to investing in the tech sector, namely FANGS stocks.
The fund tracks the Solactive Cloud Technologies Index, a transparent rules-based index that uses an AI-based approach to identify and capture a broad range of companies focused on new trends in technology.
ITEK was created in partnership with GinsGlobal, a specialist in the development of index-linked investment products.
Anthony Ginsberg, Managing Director of GinsGlobal, says: “Technology is going to be playing a much larger part in our lives over the next decade. This ETF taps into the dynamic growth story of those companies which are doing so much to make that happen, and which we think will be the direct beneficiaries of the next tech revolution. The ETF delivers broad exposure across a variety of cutting- edge technical themes and the 20 per cent year-to-date performance of the fund recognises the already impressive growth we are seeing in this area.
The fund has the ‘megacaps’ of the international technology revolution among its constituents, for example, the Chinese giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, but these are capped to allow growth potential of the up-and-coming small to mid-cap companies from a range of other sectors as well.”
Hector McNeil, co-founder of HANetf, comments: “We founded HANetf with the vision of meeting the growing investor demand for innovative and unique ETF products. It has been gratifying to see the performance of ITEK over the past year, and we look forward to working with GinsGlobal and other companies, helping them to get further traction in the European market and further afield. These funds are helping to broaden the range of ETF choices now available to investors and intermediaries in the European market, and the industry continues to mature.”