Gold rush boosts LSE ETPs

Our journey around the stock exchanges comes a little closer to home this week for those of us based in the UK. We have an interview with Lida Eslami, head of business development for ETPs at the exchange. The gold rush from earlier this year saw gold ETPs become the most traded of equities on the exchange which shows the combined power of the precious metal and the ETP.

We also have an interview with the team behind the UTRN ETF which is based on an algorithm and designed to outperform the S&P 500, something it has achieved in its first year.

We also have the annual update from the Index Industry Association which reports fewer indexes this year with consolidation and decommissions having their effect.

Finally, if you missed our early October webinar with Algo-Chain’s Allan Lane on how to build a model portfolio using ETFs, please do listen in here. 

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Beverly Chandler,
Managing Editor, ETFexpress

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