US ETFs and ETPs suffered net outflows of USD3.36bn in August

ETFs and ETPs listed in US suffered net outflows of USD3.36 billion in August, bringing year-to-date net inflows to USD146.41 billion, according to ETFGI's August 2019 US ETF and ETP industry landscape insights report.

Assets invested in the US ETF/ETP industry have decreased by 1.6 per cent, from USD4.02 trillion at the end of July, to USD3.96 trillion, an annual paid-for research subscription service.
“The S&P 500 slid 1.6 per cent during August, which can be partially attributed to both the growing tensions stemming from the US/China trade talks, or lack thereof, and the sentiment placed on the inverted US yield curve,” says Deborah Fuhr, managing partner, founder and owner of ETFGI. “From an International standpoint, the S&P Developed Ex-US BMI declined 2.5 per cent, with the biggest decline coming out of Hong Kong (-8.0 per cent), driven by recent protests. The S&P Emerging BMI fell 4.5 per cent during the month, with only one riser, Egypt, up 10.5 per cent,”
At the end of August 2019, the US ETF/ETP industry had 2,284 ETFs/ETPs, from 150 providers listed on three exchanges.
In August 2019, ETFs/ETPs suffered net outflows of USD3.36 billion. Equity ETFs/ETPs listed in US suffered the largest net outflows of USD22.23 billion in August, bringing YTD net inflows for 2019 to USD42.69 billion, considerably less than the USD109.44 billion in net inflows Equity products had attracted for the corresponding period to August 2018. Fixed Income ETFs/ETPs listed in US attracted net inflows of USD10.86 billion in August, bringing YTD net inflows for 2019 to USD83.96 billion, substantially more than the USD51.50 billion in net inflows for the corresponding period to August 2018. Commodity ETFs/ETPs gathered USD4.07 billion, bringing the YTD net inflows to USD6.56 billion for 2019, which is significantly greater than the USD3.55 million in net outflows for the corresponding period to August 2018.
Substantial inflows can be attributed to the top 20 ETF's by net new assets, which collectively gathered USD22.86 billion in August, the iShares Core S&P 500 ETF gathered USD2.52 billion alone.
The top 10 ETP's by net new assets collectively gathered USD4.39 billion in August. The SPDR Gold Shares gathered USD2.66 billion alone.