AllocateRite launches derivative of ETF-based US Domestic Composite investment strategy

AllocateRite, a New York FinTech and data science company that provides wealth managers with dynamic asset allocations employed through ETF-based smart investment strategies, has added a new deep learning strategy to its portfolio, based on stacking two strategic hidden layers and a protective risk-managing outer layer over its highly successful US Domestic Composite.

"This strategy coalesces pure AI with the dynamic underpinnings of the US Domestic Composite," says AllocateRite Chief of AI and Data Science, Dr Michael Spece. "At the core of the US Domestic Composite is change point detection of transitions between stationarity and non-stationarity that is way ahead of its time. This is based on a concept we call part-wise stationarity. As the markets become increasingly non-stationary, we have added an additional layer of protection and risk management to develop a truly revolutionary product that can capture even more of the market upside while maintaining AllocateRite's proven ability to cut off the downside.

"By innovating based on principles of AI, machine learning, statistics, and data science, we are building an infrastructure that can be applied to other markets, investment products, and even other domains.”

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