Global ETF market saw inflows of EUR68bn in December

The global ETF market ended the year at a solid pace, raising EUR67.9 billion Euros in December 2018 and EUR426 billion over the year (with EUR304 billion going into equities and EUR119 billion into bonds), according to data released by Amundi.

In the European ETF market, investors abandoned equities last month (-1.4 billion Euros in December, but +29.5 billion in 2018 overall). They withdrew from US equities, which they had favoured over the course of the year. Conversely, they continued to increase their exposure to emerging market equities. Among European equities, flows were balanced in December. Investors predominantly withdrew from this asset class in 2018, however.
Bond ETFs benefited from an acceleration of inflows within the European market at the end of the year: +3.6 billion Euros in December and +14 billion in 2018. December looked like a snapshot of the year as a whole: investors focused on sovereign bonds at the expense of corporate debt.

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