InvestSMART Active ETF debuts on the ASX

Australia’s InvestSMART Group Limited has debuted its first ASX listed fund – an active ETF - designed to deliver investors income without sacrificing capital gains.

InvestSMART Group writes that the InvestSMART Australian Equity Income Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX:INIF) listing follows high investor demand during its initial application period. INIF attracted more than three times its funds under management (FUM) target, closing at more than AUD30 million FUM.
INIF commenced trading on the ASX today at a unit price of AUD2.50. It mirrors the group’s existing unlisted Intelligent Investor Equity Income Portfolio, which has an estimated income of 5.3 per cent, and has returned 11.5 per cent p.a. since inception, outperforming its benchmark of 7.9 per cent.
Commenting on the fund’s launch, InvestSMART Head of Funds Management Alastair Davidson said he was excited to see the group’s first active ETF trading on the ASX, giving every investor the opportunity to access the strongly-performing portfolio.
“The Intelligent Investor research team has been running a very successful equity income model for the last 17 years. The active ETF offers investors access to this model in an easy-to-buy, listed format,” he says.
With Australians living longer than ever before, longevity risk is one of the biggest risks facing investors today. Coupled with inflation, investors need to reassess their investment approach to avoid outliving their capital.
“Investors hunting exclusively for yield-based stocks can become caught up in companies that pay well initially but have poor long-term prospects,” says Davidson.
“We believe it is imperative to consider both the growth outlook of a company and its ability to pay dividends. Therefore, we focus on undervalued, cash-rich businesses with the expectation that they will produce strong cash flows to support dividends in the future.”
INIF provides exposure to a concentrated portfolio of up to 30 Australian equities with a sustainable income, actively managed by a team that has a research track record of more than 20 years.
While the fund does hold some bank stocks, its exposure is currently less than 9 per cent, compared to more than 22 per cent in the ASX200. In InvestSMART’s view, having a large weighting to banks is imprudent, and in the current environment, risks in the sector are increasing.
INIF is a cost-effective solution with competitive fees and expenses of 0.97 per cent and no performance-based fees. The listed structure also benefits investors who are seeking simplicity and less paperwork.
“The launch of the Active ETF will give investors access to a professionally-managed, strong-performance portfolio in a simple and cost-effective way,” Davidson says.

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