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Townsend Lansing, Arkera

Townsend Lansing joins AI-powered Arkera’s ETF platform

Arkera announced last week that it had snapped up ETF industry veteran, former ETF Securities’ head of ETCs, Townsend Lansing (pictured) as Chief Commercial Officer.

Arkera brings innovation to self-directed investors with an AI-powered platform that helps them make investment decisions by connecting news content to investment products. The product comes in the form of a free-to-download app from the Apple store.

Lansing will oversee the deployment of Arkera’s ETF platform for brokers and retail investors in Europe and North America.

Lansing says: “The product is a really interesting tool for ETF investors which is what attracted me to the project.

“For years issuers have been putting out reasonably educated content on what is an ETF and how does it work but it’s very static content, providing ETF investors with some tools in terms of selecting and filtering by AUM or flows.

“But there is a whole universe of news out there and we are trying to combine everything to give users a better-informed investing experience where we identify stories from publicly available sources and they can click on the product and see salient aspects of that product.

“It solves a fundamental problem that there is a disparate amount of content put together and we are providing the opportunity to map a story to the products themselves.”

The goal is to work with execution only ETF brokers in Europe and the US and help them to be involved in the process of providing their clients with additional differentiated content.
“We are targeting self-directed investors who use ETFs, who are sophisticated and who want control of their portfolios,” Lansing says.

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