Policy ETF CIO comments on deregulation trend in DC

Ben Phillips (pictured), CIO of EventShares has commented on the partial rollback of some of the provisions to Dodd-Frank making its way to President Trump's desk after passing in the House yesterday.

According to Phillips this is both an important development in its own right and also part of a larger deregulation trend unfolding in DC.
"The bank deregulation bill passed with more bipartisan support than any other sizable legislation since Trump's election. This is due to its relatively modest changes to Dodd-Frank and support for smaller banks and lenders. More importantly, this bill is just another step in the financial deregulation agenda of the Trump administration. We've seen numerous other changes over the past year that have gone largely unnoticed and expect more deregulation for financial companies. We like big bank stocks such as BAC and smaller financials such as ASB, KEY, MTB, PACW, and ZION."
Phillips is part of the team behind the actively managed EventShares US Policy Alpha ETF (PLCY), which focuses on the firm's belief that government policy (not politics) is a powerful leading investment indicator and performance catalyst.

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