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The Vienna Stock Exchange expands its ETF range

The Vienna Stock Exchange is planning to expand its ETF segment by more than 40 new instruments. 

The exchange writes that in addition to global equity markets, investors can now access individual sectors and bond markets via Vienna Stock Exchange’s new ETF offering.
Since October last year, 60 ETFs with a focus on Europe and the USA have been available to domestic interested investors.
"ETFs are a global trend. Exchange traded funds enable investors to spread risk at low cost. With the new selection, interested parties can head for all world markets from their home port on the Vienna Stock Exchange", says Christoph Boschan, CEO of the Vienna Stock Exchange.
All ETFs available on the Vienna Stock Exchange can be traded continuously between 9:00 and 17:30 hours, and there is a market maker, with binding quotations, Lang & Schwarz which, the exchange writes, ensures competitive and continuous pricing.
"Domestic investors let their assets dry up in the long-term, often only out of ignorance about alternatives to the savings book. As a rule of thumb, we can give: risk diversification and cost minimisation are the be-all and end-all of any sensible investment – in addition, investing is a marathon and not a sprint. Fund savings plans can be an ideal entry into the world of equities," says Boschan.
 The Austrian fund associations are organising the sixth world fund day, designed to provide information and actively promote financial knowledge and the Vienna Stock Exchange Academy, a cooperation of the WIFI Management Forum and the Vienna Stock Exchange, is behind an initiative to encourage interested investors to build up and deepen their stock exchange and financial knowledge in a targeted manner, for example with seminars on ETFs and investment funds.

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