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Lyxor reports all time annual high in European ETF flows

Lyxor Asset Management’s latest study on European ETFs finds that despite flows hitting an all-time annual high of EUR93.9 billion (over EUR20 billion ahead of the previous record), flows slowed substantially in December 2017 to EUR4.2 billion from EUR10.4 billion in November.

This is one of the lowest figures for any month in 2017. Marlène Hassine Konqui, Head of ETF Research at Lyxor, comments that possible reasons for this during the month of December included the fact that flows surged into US equities as the Republican Party’s adoption of the tax cut bill had a positive impact and could open up some short-term opportunities.

Lyxor saw the first month of outflows from European equities in 2017 (-EUR532 million), with US equity ETFs gathering most of the flows into DM equities (EUR2.6 billion). Fixed income ETFs trailed behind at EUR867 million. Weakness was most apparent in high yield bonds, where outflows of EUR468 million led to their worst month in 2017.

Total European ETF market AUM ended the year 23 per cent higher than when it had started it at EUR635 billion. And, for the first time ever, equity (EUR63.1 billion), fixed income (EUR27.8 billion) and commodity (EUR3.0 billion) ETFs all hit new annual records.

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