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Christopher Meyer, Flow Traders

Flow Traders brings liquidity to the European ETF industry

ETF liquidity provider Flow Traders enjoys the position of representing a quarter of all on-exchange and the off-exchange ETF business in Europe.

The recent low investor activity in the overall market, has allowed Flow to focus on expanding its offering, institutional trader Christopher Meyers says.

“A company like us thrives on technology, less investor activity allows us to build out for future activity and grow our offering towards the market. Venturing into new spaces like forex and fixed income allows us to bring new wind to those markets and meanwhile optimise internal processes even further.”

Flow Traders will try to bring its pricing model to these markets, and provide as much liquidity as it can.

“We lead the ETF space in Europe and continue to try and keep that position by facilitating liquidity across all venues.”

One of the key things Meyers has seen over this year is more and more asset managers who want to get into the ETF space and sell their own ETFs.

“This is great as we have more and more discussions with people who were not ETF providers before and we also see more and more investors, who are moving away from traditional banks and brokers and finding their way to ETF issuers and liquidity providers like ourselves. We can add a lot of value by them talking to us directly. It seems as if they understood that the agency model has lost its mojo in favour for the Request For Quote model, leaving them fully in charge over the order and minimising costs by cutting out the middle man.”

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