Euronext adds options on flow traders to Spotlight segment

Euronext has expanded its Spotlight options offering with new options on Flow Traders NV (FLW), a technology-enabled liquidity provider that specialises in exchange traded products (ETPs). 

The options follow the company’s successful IPO on Euronext Amsterdam in July this year and are available for trading as from 14 September.
In addition, Euronext promoted the existing Spotlight option classes Euronav (option trading symbol: EUN) and BE Semiconductor Industries (option trading symbol: BES) to the standard options segment which means that the lifetime of these contracts will be further extended. The extension to longer maturities follows the lively trading in these option classes.
The Spotlight segment is dedicated to the development of new option classes requested by market
participants. The Spotlight options have short-term maturities of one, two and three months. The combination of added liquidity and visibility allows the option classes to grow to become mature option classes. If these option classes take root, additional maturities will be introduced.
“We are pleased that Euronext has taken the initiative to launch options on our share,” says Sjoerd Rietberg, co-CEO of Flow Traders. “As a liquidity provider in the fast growing global  ETP markets, we believe the addition of options to complement our Euronext stock trading will further enhance the visibility of our company in the marketplace and multiply ways in which investors can participate in our company.”
“We are very pleased to expand our Spotlight options segment with options on Flow Traders. Moreover the strong liquidity and the promotion of two more classes are proof of the success of the segment,” says Adam Rose (pictured), Head of Financial Derivatives at Euronext. “We’re constantly adapting our product offering to the needs of the market, in order to serve our customers in the best possible way. We will keep on increasing this segment by introducing Spotlight options on other geographies and asset classes, responding to market demand.”