Koris International launches first European ETF analysis platform

Koris International has launched TrackInsight, the first platform providing analyses on the replication quality of European exchange-traded funds for institutional investors.

A platform dedicated to professional investors – according to the MiFid definition – TrackInsight is opened to asset owners (insurers, pension funds, corporates, foundations, endowments, sovereign funds and family offices). Within a few clicks, the platform enables to perceive and analyse the historical replication quality of ETFs (especially the Tracking Error and the Tracking Difference). Comparing the real costs of holding such instruments thus becomes a much easier process.
This pan-European initiative aims to bring an enhanced transparency to end investors with certified and relevant information, hence allowing them to smoothly implement their investment strategies.
Accessible via www.trackinsight.com, the platform includes 250 of the most significant European ETFs at launch – both in terms of size and volume traded – and will double in size in 2015.
Three of the five largest European ETF providers are deploying the solution within their sales and marketing teams to better serve their clients.
Jean-René Giraud, Koris International’s acting CEO and co-founder, says the initiative is “a pragmatic answer to a recurring issue encountered by our clients and partners. Selecting ETFs implies going through an intricate process given the increasing number of funds, the complex data gathering and cleansing, and the diverse structures used by each provider. TrackInsight aims to simplify the selection of underlying passive vehicles and favour the development of dynamic asset allocation strategies using tracker funds. We firmly believe an increased transparency would pave the way for ETFs to consistently improve their replication qualities.”

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