Miracle Mile Advisors partners with TD Ameritrade in ETF-based 401k programme

Miracle Mile Advisors has partnered with TD Ameritrade to launch a 401k platform delivering customised investment options using a universe of low-cost ETFs.

This corporate retirement offering provides access to over 800 ETFs covering a variety of asset classes.
The all-in annual fees of the plan are projected to be slightly less than one per cent, compared to many traditional 401k plans that charge over 2.5 per cent.
By using ETFs as the primary investment vehicle, the platform allows companies to offer retirement benefits with flexible options, lower fees and no proprietary products. In addition to the competitive fee structure of ETFs, the plan features custom modelling, ongoing and on-site investment education and seamless integration assistance.
"ETFs have soared in popularity over past few decades. As a pioneer in active indexing, Miracle Mile Advisors has long recognised that diversified index ETFs with lower fees deliver better results than higher cost mutual funds with underperforming portfolio managers," says Miracle Mile Advisors managing director Duncan Rolph. "It is time for companies to offer a more progressive set of options to their employees." 

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