Chaikin Analytics launches Desktop workstation and ETF analytics

Chaikin Analytics, a provider of stock research and analytics to asset managers and wealth advisors, has launched its Desktop workstation and has added 1,500 ETFs to the workstation's charting capabilities.

Adapted from Chaikin Analytics for iPad, the new desktop workstation provides native experience on both Windows and Mac operating systems and was developed in partnership with OpenFin, a provider of run-time technology for financial desktop applications.
The centrepiece of Chaikin Analytics is the Chaikin Power Gauge, an alpha model that combines 20 fundamental and technical factors, analysed and distilled into a simple Bullish or Bearish rating. Since inception, the Power Gauge has continued to successfully identify both strong and weak stocks, consistently out-performing the S&P 500. Chaikin Analytics also features six pairs of Buy/Sell signals, customised watchlists and proprietary Chaikin indicators, including industry standards Chaikin Money Flow and Chaikin Bands. In combination, these features allow money managers to review critical inputs easily and efficiently, to identify new stock ideas or validate their own ideas.
In addition to covering 5,000 US stocks, Chaikin Analytics is introducing over 1,500 ETFs to its charting capabilities on its Desktop workstation today, and on the iPad within the week. Now subscribers can chart all NYSE and Nasdaq listed ETPs including ETFs, ETNs and ETVs, and monitor them in their watchlists and invested portfolios, from their iPad or desktop workstation, all with a single Chaikin Analytics subscription.
"While asset managers and wealth advisors love their iPads and mobile devices, they still spend a significant amount of time at their desks," says David B Weiss, a senior analyst with Aite Group. "Chaikin's desktop workstation provides research via the user interface they've come to enjoy on their iPads but now integrated seamlessly into their existing desktop workflow."
Developed as a hybrid HTML5 application, the desktop workstation runs cross-platform, without any dependency on legacy desktop browsers which are commonly used in the financial services industry. Powered by OpenFin's App Desktop technology, the workstation also provides an API for interoperability with a user's existing desktop applications. For example, an application can send the Chaikin workstation a message to have it display analytics for a given stock or to auto-generate a custom watch list.
"With the launch of the Chaikin Analytics Desktop workstation, we're extending the availability of our powerful ETF and stock research and analytics tools from iPads to institutional desktops," says Marc Chaikin, chief executive and founder of Chaikin Analytics. "We're pleased to be partnering with OpenFin, whose runtime technology gives us a unique distribution and integration model in the institutional advisory space."

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