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AlgoTrades launches automated ETF trading system for individual investors

AlgoTrades has launched an automated exchange-traded fund system designed to allow ordinary investors to take advantage of underlying market trends in the way that professional investors do. »


TOM offers best execution in ETFs

TOM (The Order Machine), a Dutch-based exchange, is now offering best execution in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). »


Fixed income and commodity ETFs see strong quarter as equity ETF volumes fall

First-quarter data derived from trading activity on Tradeweb reveals a solid buying trend for fixed-income exchange-traded funds (ETFs) over the first three months of the year. »


TSE ETF/ETN trading value remained high in February

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) exchange-traded fund/exchange-traded note market remained vibrant in February 2014, with a daily average of about JPY136.3bn and monthly trading value reaching about JPY2.59trn. »

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Euronext first exchange to start ETF NAV trading

Euronext, a wholly owned subsidiary of IntercontinentalExchange Group, is the first exchange to trade exchange-traded funds on the NAV Trading Facility. »

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BATS selects Equinix as primary data centre for exchange platforms

BATS has selected Equinix as its primary data centre provider for all of the BATS exchange platforms, including the Direct Edge Exchanges – EDGA and EDGX.  »

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State Street Global Exchange launches Europe’s first online ETF trading platform

State Street Global Exchange has launched the first online multi-sponsor exchange-traded fund platform for authorised participants (APs) in Europe. »

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BATS Global Markets and Direct Edge complete merger

BATS Global Markets and Direct Edge completed their merger on 31 January, creating one of the world’s largest stock exchange operators. »


CBOE Futures Exchange to launch short-term VIX futures with weekly expirations

CBOE Futures Exchange plans to launch trading of futures with weekly expirations on the new CBOE Short-Term Volatility Index (VXST) on 13 February, pending regulatory review. »

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Euronext launches multi-currency trading service for ETFs

Euronext, a wholly owned subsidiary of IntercontinentalExchange Group (ICE), has launched a multi-currency trading service for exchange-traded funds. »

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