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ACSI Funds adds American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF to commission-free platform

ACSI Funds’ flagship exchange traded fund, the American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF, is now available on E*TRADE’s commission-free ETF platform.

Making ACSI accessible to the masses for commission-free trading aligns with data-driven asset manager ACSI Funds’ philosophy of providing low-cost, quality investment solutions to retail investors across the globe.
This is the second platform that offers commission-free trading of ACSI, after the ETF was made available on Interactive Brokers.
“Our research indicates that our proprietary customer satisfaction data has been a leading indicator of earnings surprises and ultimately stock performance, and our goal is to allow forward-thinking investors to access our strategies as efficiently as possible,” says Phil Bak, CEO of ACSI Funds. “Our partnership with E*TRADE will allow even more investors to leverage this innovative product in a cost-efficient manner.”
ACSI Funds launched ACSI, its inaugural ETF, in November 2016. Backed by the only national cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction in the US, ACSI delivers ACSI Funds’ thesis – that companies with satisfied customers should outperform their peers over the long term – as a core US holding while using a transparent systematic process.
“For investors seeking strategy diversification, ETFs that utilise alternative investment methodologies may be an appealing play,” says Rich Messina, SVP, investment product management at E*TRADE. “With the addition of the American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF (ACSI) to E*TRADE’s Commission-Free ETF platform, we continue on our journey to arm the retail investor with ETFs that can be used for a variety of investment objectives, without the cost of placing a trade.”

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