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Calamos-focused growth ETF lists on Nasdaq OMX

Calamos Investments has listed the Calamos Focused Growth ETF (CFGE) on The Nasdaq Stock Market.

CFGE began trading on 14 July.
"Our decision to offer an active equity ETF – particularly at this early juncture in the market's development – is right in line with our history of anticipating the needs of investors and offering innovative solutions to satisfy those needs," says John Calamos, Sr, CEO and global co-chief investment officer of Calamos Investments. “We believe actively managed ETFs represent an investment option whose time has come."
CFGE leverages the firm's 25-year history investing in growth companies, and features a portfolio consisting of stocks in which Calamos has the greatest confidence of sustained growth. The portfolio selection process stresses company fundamentals, including a global presence, strong revenue and earnings growth, solid returns on invested capital and lower debt-to-capital levels. The fund also uses active management, blending investment themes with fundamental research.
"Nasdaq OMX is a pioneer in cutting-edge exchange-traded product innovations, often the first to market new concepts that change the way industry develops, manages and applies products," says Dave LaValle, head of exchange-traded product listings at Nasdaq OMX. "We are thrilled to launch CFGE with our partners at Calamos, and we appreciate their confidence in choosing the Nasdaq marketplace to trade ETFs."

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