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Source hires head of European capital markets

Exchange-traded fund provider Source has appointed Juergen Blumberg as executive director, head of European capital markets.

“One of Source’s key advantages is through the deep roots we have in the trading community,” says Gary Buxton, chief operating officer. “This enables us to work closely with the various market participants to improve the efficiency of trading our ETFs, and we are often able to pass on these benefits to investors.  Juergen’s appointment means we have a dedicated and highly experienced individual working to this objective.  Having been a trader himself, he knows first-hand the challenges and complexities of European markets, and as such how best to address them more effectively.”
Blumberg says: “Market participants serve a valuable purpose, especially providing liquidity.  Having multiple brokers each making a market for a particular fund should ensure the spread between buying and selling prices remains fair and competitive. My job is to ensure that this process works smoothly, that our products trade efficiently and are transparent.  Source has already impressed me in the efficiency with which decisions are taken, and that they happen for the benefit of investors. I am delighted to be in a position to contribute to the further growth of the business.”

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