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ETF Securities lists range of currency ETVs in Euronext

ETF Securities has listed a range of currency exchange-traded vehicles (ETVs) on Euronext Amsterdam, the first ETVs on Euronext that give exposure to currency pairs.

The new products allow investors to capitalise on an increase or decrease of the Japanese Yen without any leverage, or to anticipate on an increase or decrease of the Japanese Yen or US dollar with a leverage factor of three.

Leveraged ETVs enable investors to trade on a short term basis with a competitive total cost of ownership.
Currency ETVs appeal to investors wishing to diversify their portfolio through the addition of a new asset class which has a low correlation with equities and bonds, or wanting to take advantage of tactical or strategic macro opportunities using the foreign exchange market.
Philippe Roset, head Benelux of ETF Securities, says: “ETF Securities have seen currency ETPs becoming increasingly popular in recent years as evidenced by USD100 million inflows in our currency ETPs in 2013 and USD144 million YTD in 2014. Even though more investors are using our currency ETPs in other European markets, they have not previously been easy to access for investors in The Netherlands or Belgium. The six new currency products will offer investors in these countries an efficient way of accessing this new asset class. The EUR/USD currency ETPs continue to be the most popular with investors as concerns over deflation within the Eurozone has prompted over USD90m in inflows into ETFS 3x Long USD Short Euro in 2014.”
Danielle Ballardie, head of cash markets at Euronext, says: “We’re delighted to welcome the new currency ETVs to our Amsterdam market. With these new products we’re adding a new asset class to Euronext’s wide offering of ETFs and ETVs, providing investors with new investment opportunities. It is yet another example of expanding our product offering, being a leading capital raising centre.”
ETVs provide investors with exposure to underlying assets such as futures contracts, commodities, and currencies without actually trading futures or ever taking physical delivery of the underlying assets.
Currently Euronext has 609 ETFs and 23 ETVs listed on its markets.

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