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UBS ETRACS launches 2x leveraged version of non-energy MLP ETN

UBS Investment Bank has launched the ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Wells Fargo MLP Ex-Energy ETN (LMLP), which is linked to the monthly compounded 2x leveraged performance of the Wells Fargo Master Limited Partnership Ex-Energy Index.

UBS says the new ETN provides significant income potential in the form of a variable monthly coupon linked to 2x the cash distributions, if any, on the index constituents.
There is a monthly compounded 2x leveraged exposure to the Wells Fargo MLP Ex-Energy Index, less investor fees.
There is 2x exposure to an index comprised of publicly traded companies organized as either a limited liability company or limited partnership that derive a majority of their income from non-energy related activities.
"We are pleased to offer investors the opportunity to obtain 2x leveraged exposure to the Wells Fargo Master Limited Partnership Ex-Energy Index," says Christopher Yeagley, head of ETRACS. "We expect LMLP to provide significant income potential."

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