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Wall Street Horizon launches ETF Distribution Calendar data feed

Wed, 30/04/2014 - 16:00

Wall Street Horizon, a provider of low-latency alerting and intra-day monitoring of single-stock event calendar data, has launched an ETF Distribution Calendar data feed.

Institutional traders and market makers can now access announced, projected and historical ETF distribution dates and amounts in a standardised machine-readable feed.
Until now, traders had to conduct time-consuming, manual research across multiple sources to uncover and piece together ETF distribution data.
The ETF Calendar provides accurate and timely data that gives traders visibility ahead of upcoming distributions and splits.
Wall Street Horizon’s ETF Calendar covers distributions and splits for more than 1,200 ETFs from all major providers, including all US-listed “optionable” ETFs.
With a flexible machine-readable data feed, clients can view all upcoming events across ETFs for a given time period, or a time series of events for a given ETF including historical, announced, scheduled and projected distributions.
The feed is updated eight times a day between 5am and 11pm, so that traders have timely information including after-market announcements to guide strategies for the next day’s trading.
“Our clients have been asking us for an automated ETF calendar feed that is both comprehensive and extremely accurate,” says Barry L. Star, managing director of Wall Street Horizon. “We’re excited to extend our single-stock event solutions to the rapidly-growing world of ETFs.”

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