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Direxion launches campaign to promote 3X leveraged ETFs to sophisticated traders

Direxion has begun a marketing campaign designed to raise the profile of its 3X leveraged exchange-traded funds (ETFs) among experienced, active traders.

Direxion's ETF line-up includes a wide variety of products seeking returns that are 300 per cent of the return, or inverse return, of their respective benchmark indices for a single day.
"For tactical, active traders who wish to employ leverage to maximise their exposure to a specific index, our 3X products offer the boldest way to trade," says Dan O'Neill, chief executive officer of Direxion. "This campaign is intended to continue our dialogue with active traders and raise awareness of the extensive line-up of bull and bear strategies Direxion offers."
The marketing campaign's 45-second television spot invites active traders to join "The Fellowship of the Bold," a group of accomplished men and women (an astronaut, Special Forces member, Olympic swimmer and firefighter) with skills that set them apart from their peers and allow them to embrace risks that are inappropriate for the less qualified. The spot underscores the fact that traders of Direxion products, ordinary appearances notwithstanding, are an elite subset of the wider investment community.
"'Bold' means challenging convention – it does not mean imprudent or reckless," says Andy O'Rourke, chief marketing officer of Direxion. "Our 'Fellowship of the Bold' is intended to appeal to the tactical-trading audience that finds our products so useful. We hope the humour both amuses and reinforces our connection with the tactical community. This campaign is consistent with Direxion's objective of speaking directly to experienced, active traders."
The marketing campaign, which also includes print and online executions, encourages visits to Direxion's website to learn about the Direxion ETF line-up and the risks and nuances of leveraged ETFs. Direxion's website includes a collection of online educational materials, including videos, white papers and brochures which explain the mechanics and risks associated with leveraged and inverse ETFs.

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