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Solactive launches two indices to underlie Global X Guru ETFs

Solactive has launched two new indices, the Solactive Guru International Index and the Solactive Guru Small Cap Index, which are to be used as the underlying indices for two exchange-traded funds from Global X Funds.

These indices are part of the same family as the Solactive Guru Index, which was launched in June 2012 and is tracked by the Global X Guru Index ETF (GURU).
With over USD500m in assets, GURU is one of market’s main ETFs tracking hedge fund strategies.
Henning Kahre, head of Solactive equity team, says: “We hope that these two new indices will be as successful as the first Solactive Guru Index, which has clearly generated substantial interest from the market, adding to the passive versus active debate. This is one series of indices among others we are calculating which reflect the market’s evolution toward more dynamic indices, with a strong focus on smart beta.”

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