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Credit Suisse sets coupon payments on gold and silver covered call ETNs

Credit Suisse expects to declare a coupon of USD0.2008 per exchange-traded note on the Gold Shares Covered Call ETNs (GLDI) and USD0.4375 per ETN on the Silver Shares Covered Call ETNs (SLVO).

This is assuming there is no redemption or acceleration of the GLDI and SLVO covered call ETNs and that the notional cash distribution is withdrawn from the indices on 17 March 2014.
Payment will be on or around 25 March 2014, payable to the holder of record on 20 March 2014.
The expected coupon payment may be subject to change upon the occurrence of a disruption event or other unforeseen circumstances. The expected coupon payments represent an indicative yield of approximately 16.29 per cent per annum on the GLDI ETN and an indicative yield of approximately 31.06 per cent per annum on the SLVO ETN. 

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