Horizons ETFs sets final valuation for crude oil and silver yield ETFs

Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) and its affiliate AlphaPro Management have announced the final valuations for the Horizons Crude Oil Yield ETF and the Horizons Silver Yield ETF.

Both funds were terminated on 10 January as previously announced by Horizons back in October.
The ETFs' final net asset values per unit, by class, are as follows:
Horizons Crude Oil Yield ETF:
Class E (HOY) - USD7.348748
Advisor Class (HOY.A) - USD7.347615
Horizons Silver Yield ETF:
Class E (HZY) - USD5.041451
Advisor Class (HZY.A) - USD5.040321
Unitholders will receive the proceeds from the liquidation of the assets, less all liabilities and all expenses incurred in connection with the dissolution of the ETFs. These proceeds will be paid to the holders of the remaining outstanding units of the ETFs on a pro rata basis without further action by those unitholders.

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