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Market Vectors to change underlying index of Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF

Fri, 10/01/2014 - 16:03

Market Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF (NLR) will begin tracking the Market Vectors Global Uranium and Nuclear Energy Index (MVNLRTR) on or about 21 March.

MVNLRTR uses the Market Vectors index methodology that focuses on investibility, diversification, and pure play exposure to the relative asset class.
This methodology is shared by the benchmark indices of several other Market Vector ETFs, including Agribusiness (MOO), Indonesia (IDX), Junior Gold Miners (GDXJ), Oil Services (OIH), Russia (RSX), Semiconductor (SMH), and Vietnam (VNM).
MVNLRTR is a rules based, modified capitalisation-weighted, float-adjusted index that seeks to track the performance of the global uranium and nuclear energy segment. Similar to other Market Vectors indices, MVNLRTR is built specifically for ETFs. The index employs constituent weighting caps that aim to help diversify the ETF among names in the global uranium and nuclear energy segment, while extensive liquidity screens are used to enhance the tradability of the ETF.
Additionally, to create an index that seeks to be representative of the industry, its rules require that constituents generate at least 50 per cent of their revenues from (or, in certain circumstances, have at least 50 per cent of their assets related to) uranium and nuclear energy, as defined by the index provider. 

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