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FTSE launches new FTSE Cyclical and Defensive Index Series

FTSE Group has launched the FTSE Cyclical and Defensive Index Series, which aims to offer contrasting degrees of sensitivity to the economic cycle in order to improve the transparency of market dynamics.

The FTSE Cyclical Index Series is designed to be sensitive to the economic cycle, whilst the FTSE Defensive Index is designed to be relatively insensitive, thereby providing a mechanism for investors to implement an informed economic view.

The index series spans global, regional and single country indices.
The index series uses the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) of sub-sectors, in order to classify sub-sectors as defensive or cyclical. The indices are available on a real time and end-of-day basis and are managed in accordance to FTSE’s world class standards of index design, which emphasises transparency, independence, innovation and strong governance.
Peter Gunthorp, managing director, research and analytics, FTSE Group, says:  “We are delighted to announce the launch of the FTSE Cyclical and Defensive Index Series, which aims to facilitate the analysis of market dynamics and enable the development of new investible products that expand investor choice.”

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