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ETP industry passes USD2trn in assets under management

The size of the global exchange-traded products industry has now surpassed the milestone figure of USD2trn, according to the ETP research team at BlackRock. 

The ETP market had a record-breaking year for flows in 2012, attracting USD262.7bn in assets globally and growing by 27 per cent compared with the end of 2011.

This momentum has carried into January and the industry reached USD2trn in assets under management on 18 January 2013.
Increased investment in ETPs is being seen in all major regions, as a broad spectrum of institutional, professional and retail investors are using the products to access asset classes in a cost-efficient and effective way, whatever the market conditions. At an asset class level, fixed income ETPs and emerging market equity ETPs set new records for their categories in 2012, recording net inflows of USD70.0bn and USD54.8bn respectively.
Dodd Kittsley, global head of ETP research for BlackRock, says: “This is an important and notable milestone for the ETP industry. Hot on the heels of an impressive 2012, the market has continued to grow in the early months of 2013, and we expect this to continue during the rest of this year.
“The dynamics of the ETP market are changing and developing. As ETPs become better known and understood in different regions and amongst different types of investors, uptake is fast increasing. Added to this, ETP providers are expanding and deepening their coverage of different assets classes and regions, allowing investors to put ETPs to use in new ways and employ them to access areas where they couldn’t before, such as emerging market debt. ETPs were once thought of as primarily equity-based funds for institutional investors, and today’s milestone proves this is certainly no longer the case.
“It took the ETP industry 19 years to surpass USD1trn in assets under management, which it did in 2009, and only a further four years to double this. We look forward to reaching and surpassing the next milestone, as more investors come to experience the variety of ways they can use ETPs to invest in the markets.”

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