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American Independence launches Dynamic Conservative Plus ETF strategy

American Independence Financial Services is launching a new investment strategy, Dynamic Conservative Plus (DCP). The strategy will make tactical investments in a set of exchange-traded funds across sub-asset classes in the fixed-income, commodity, equity and alternative asset markets.

The Dynamic Conservative Plus Fund, which will be run by veteran manager Imanol Laresgoiti, is available in class A (AABBX) and institutional (TBBIX) share classes, and the fund's investment objective is long term capital appreciation.

DCP uses a proprietary business cycle model and optimisation engine to allocate across a global portfolio of ETFs and manage downside-risk. The fund is targeted at risk-conscious investors and intermediaries seeking to generate total return while addressing investors' demands for a portfolio that moves quickly to "safer," or defensive, sectors and away from riskier assets and markets.

"Investors are increasingly challenged by low bond yields, volatile equity markets, and the risk of rising interest rates and inflation. We believe a dynamic, multi-asset class approach to generating total return represents an opportunity to manage volatility and downside risk while targeting positive returns," says John Pileggi, managing partner of American Independence. "We have had the great fortune to identify Imanol Laresgoiti, a manager with a record of both aptitude and achievement in managing tactical portfolios that use ETFs and which seek to manage risk and volatility."

Laresgoiti has a long history of managing tactical and alternative mandates, having previously founded Luz Capital. Luz Capital provides consulting services and investment advice on sophisticated investment strategies to a broad range of clients including high-net worth individuals, financial institutions and other asset managers through proprietary asset allocation models and market neutral trading strategies. Laresgoiti is a member of the board investment committee of the fifth largest mutual fund manager in Mexico and investment adviser for the one of the 10 biggest financial groups in Switzerland.

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