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Gold mining

Lyxor Asset Management launches ETF with exposure to gold mining equities

Lyxor Asset Management has launched an ETF on the MSCI ACWI Gold with EM DR 18 per cent Group Entity Capped Index on the NYSE Euronext Paris.

This new ETF provides investors with an alternative way to play the gold theme. Instead of investing in gold itself, investors can access the performance of the gold mining companies whose fortunes are strongly tied to “physical gold” prices.

The third round of quantitative easing (QE3) and the accommodative monetary policies of the major central banks have all helped to bolster gold prices. During QE1 and QE2, gold prices increased by 36 per cent and 21 per cent respectively. Since 2008, gold mining stocks have been lagging far behind actual gold spot prices. An increase in gold prices combined with a more favourable environment for equities might lead to a recovery in gold miners’ equity prices.

The Lyxor MSCI ACWI Gold ETF is suitable for investors who are seeking to gain exposure to gold mining equities through a European Ucits vehicle. It allows investors to capture the return of equities that have a strong relationship to the price of gold.

Gold has become an increasingly popular investment as investors look to benefit from the performance and diversification it can bring to a portfolio. Accessing the performance of commodities by investing in the companies that generate an income from its production has become an increasingly common practice.

Through the MSCI ACWI Gold with EM DR 18 per cent Group Entity Capped Index, this fund provides exposure to large and mid cap gold equity stocks from the developed and emerging markets. For emerging markets companies only, depositary receipts are included in order to improve liquidity. Constituent weights are capped in order to limit index concentration.

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