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Money flows

US ETPs see USD11bn inflows mostly due to large cap funds

Total US exchange-traded product flows from all products registered USD11.06bn (+0.8 per cent of AUM) of inflows last week versus USD1.08bn (+0.1 per cent) of inflows the previous week, setting the YTD weekly flows average at +USD3.3bn, according to Deutsche Bank.

Equity, fixed income, and commodity ETPs experienced flows of +USD11.25bn (1.23 per cent), -USD0.28bn (-0.11 per cent), +USD0.11bn (0.1 per cent) last week vs. -USD0.39bn (-0.04 per cent), +USD1.14bn (0.44 per cent), +USD0.4bn (0.33 per cent) in the previous week, respectively.

Among US sectors, industrials (+USD0.37bn, +6.4 per cent) received the only significant inflows, while information technology (-USD0.64bn, -4.0 per cent) and materials (-USD0.19bn, -2.2 per cent) experienced the largest outflows.

Within equity ETPs, large cap products had the largest inflows (+USD7.0bn, +3.3 per cent), while US sector products had the largest outflows of USD0.5bn (-0.4 per cent).

Within fixed income ETPs, sub-sovereign products had the largest inflows (+USD0.2bn, +0.6 per cent); meanwhile sovereign (-USD0.7bn, -1.1 per cent) ETPs experienced the largest outflows.

Total weekly turnover increased by 3.8 per cent to USD261.7bn vs. USD252.2bn from the previous week. Equity and fixed income ETPs turnover increased by USD8.8bn (+3.9 per cent) and USD1.5bn (+9.9 per cent), respectively, while commodity ETPs turnover decreased by 6.5 per cent (-USD0.8bn).

US ETP assets keep reaching new highs, reaching USD1.316trn during last week. As of last Friday, US ETPs have accumulated an asset growth of 25.8 per cent YTD. Assets for equity, fixed income and commodity ETPs moved +USD15.0bn, -USD0.7bn, -USD0.4bn during last week, respectively.

There was one new ETF listed on the BATS exchange during the previous week. The new fund offers exposure to a global merger arbitrage strategy.

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