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ETF Securities (HK) launches three precious metal ETFs for Asian investors

ETF Securities (HK) has launched three exchange-traded funds designed to provide investors with exposure to precious metals.

The new ETFs are ETFS Physical Gold ETF (2830 HK), ETFS Physical Silver ETF (3117 HK) and ETFS Physical Platinum ETF (3119 HK) primarily backed by physical metals held in secure vaults and have been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

General features of a physical precious metal ETF are:

▪ Primarily backed by the respective precious metal and not synthetic;
▪ Meeting the Good Delivery standards set out by either the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM);
▪ Ring-fenced and held in secure vaults;
▪ Providing a cost-effective method of accessing physical precious metals;
▪ Traded on an exchange during trading hours.
Fred Jheon, managing director and head of Asia Pacific for ETF Securities (HK), says: “We are very excited by the prospect of providing precious metals exposure to investors in the region. Those who are seeking convenient and cost-effective access to physical precious metals now have additional choices. The Hong Kong ETF market is expanding rapidly as awareness and understanding of these products continues to grow. Yet we believe that the commodities sector is currently under-represented. As a pioneer in developing commodity investment solutions, we were ideally placed to launch a suite of precious metal ETFs in Hong Kong.”

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