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Xetra trading floor

Four new iShares ETFs launched on Xetra

iShares has launched three new bond index exchange-traded funds and one new equity index ETF, based on government and corporate bonds and on stock corporations based in Mexico, on Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment.

The iShares Global Government AAA-AA Capped Bond offers access to government bonds in local currencies issued worldwide by developed economies with a credit rating of at least Aa3, AAA- or AA-. The weight of government bonds with an AAA- rating in the index is capped at 20 per cent while the weight of those rated AA- is capped at 10 per cent.

The iShares Global Corporate Bond invests in fixed income corporate bonds which are issued by companies in industrialised and emerging market countries and have an investment grade rating and a residual maturity of at least one year.

The iShares Barclays Capital Euro Corporate Bond Interest Rate Hedged tracks the performance of fixed interest investment grade securities denominated in euros and issued by companies in the industrial, utilities and financial sectors. The ETF is hedged against interest rate risk using German government bonds. Once a month the return on a basket of futures contracts on German government bonds is subtracted from the total return of the Barclays Euro Corporate Bond Index.

The iShares MSCI Mexico IMI Capped is an equity index ETF offering investors access to Mexican equities which fulfil the criteria for size, liquidity and free-float market capitalisation set by the MSCI. The weight of the largest group entity within the index is regularly capped at 30 per cent and that of the remaining group entities at 20 per cent.

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