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Nationwide adds four managed volatility funds to core VA line-up

Nationwide Financial has added four new managed volatility funds to its core VA line-up.

Additionally, the company will add three fund options for its guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit, The Nationwide Lifetime Income Rider (Nationwide

These options can provide increased equity exposure, including one managed volatility fund.

“After experiencing the economic turbulence of the past several years, clients are looking to advisors to provide protection against severe downturns, while maintaining the ability to take advantage of market gains,” says Eric Henderson, senior vice president of annuities and life insurance for Nationwide Financial. “The addition of new managed volatility funds to our core VA product line-up provides more tools to help advisors address this challenge.”

New funds for Nationwide’s core VA line-up include:

• American Funds Insurance Series Protected Asset Allocation Fund
• TOPSTM Protected Balanced ETF Portfolio
• TOPSTM Protected Moderate Growth ETF Portfolio
• TOPSTM Protected Growth ETF Portfolio

The American Funds Insurance Series Protected Asset Allocation Fund will also be available as a Nationwide investment option. When selected with Nationwide, the fund can offer additional protection from market risk and increases equity exposure to a 60/40 target (ranging from 40 to 80 per cent). Additionally, a Nationwide VA with Nationwide offers a seven per cent simple interest roll-up on the original income benefit base and a five per cent payout if withdrawals begin at age 65.

Nationwide Financial will also add two non-managed volatility funds back to the Nationwide investment option line-up. Both offer 60/40 equity exposure:

• NVIT Cardinal Moderate Fund
• NVIT Investor Destination Moderate Fund

“With some investors becoming more cautiously optimistic, the addition of the American Funds IS Protected Asset Allocation Fund for our Nationwide rider can help advisors give clients peace of mind with enhanced access to the equity market,” Henderson says.

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